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Staff Meeting

Date: 24/26 novembre 2019;

Title: Let's prepare the final products

The second staff meeting of the Erasmus Plus Project  K2 “Able and disabled: let’s play together” took place in Bendinat from the 26th to the 29th November 2019.

Day 1      23rd November

Morning and afternoon: the coordinators and the principals of the four schools arrived, Mr. Birgit Struthoff and Ms. Gisela Paterkiewicz from Germany, Ms. Beata Jekel and Ms. Magda Jastak from Poland, Mr. Christian Begemann from the Netherlands.

Day 2: 24th November

Morning: we visited Rafa Nadal sport museum and experience. The aim of this visit was to show the performance of the probably best ever Spanish sportsman Museum and Experience, where interactive 3D sports can be trained and experienced.

Afternoon: we had the staff meeting and we defined

• the characteristics of the final products,

• the dissemination activities,

• the evaluation procedures to monitor and eventually improve the activities, to measure the impact,

• the evaluation measures for the long-term students’ mobilities.

We also discussed about the financial aspects and the compilation of the mobility tool.

In the second part the program of the final meeting was presented. On the 9th May, Europe birthday we will organize a big event in collaboration with 14 disabled sports associations

Day 3: 25th November

Morning:  we had wheel chair sport exhibition at Rudy Fernandez sports center.

We had the opportunity to take part in a lesson with students of Ciclo formativo on how to manage  people on wheelchairs. The PE education teacher Fernando Loredo explained to students of vocational training “Senior technician in physical activity and sports animation” how to move disabled from wheelchair to bed.

After the lesson the trainer of Maiorca wheelchair basketball team explained to students and Erasmus+ delegations about the history of this sport in Mallorca and after that some of us played wheelchair basket in the pavilion.

Later on we went the IES Bendinat where students and teachers had organised very interesting and moving activities of International day against gender violence.


Lunch: we had lunch at AMADIB (Disable Association) a restaurant run by a Disable Association where disabled young people work.


  • The coordinators of Spain, Italy and the Netherlands had a meeting to discuss about the organization of the long term mobility and their evaluation

  • Later in the afternoon we had the opportunity to see the Mallorca Integra Football and Basketball trainings.

Day 3: 26th November

Morning:  we visited “La sonrisa médica” a clinical clown association. Sonrisa Médica is a non-profit organization, pioneer in Spain in Hospital Clowning and declared of public utility by the Interior Ministry in 2004. It offers illusion and humor in the public Hospitals of the Balearic Islands and firmly believes in joy as the best medicine, and in the potential of the hospital clown as a therapeutic tool.

Afternoon: Depatures




Date: 24/28 maggio 2021

Titolo: A&D: let's play together!!


In Spring we realized that it was impossible to organize the short students’ exchange in May because of Covid so we decided to organize it online.


Obviously we were obliged to organize it in different days, 3 days were devoted to workshops during which students, divided in 4 mixed groups, worked in separate Zoom rooms in order to plan and organize the activities and 2 days were devoted to conferences open to the public on YouTube for the dissemination.

Our aim was to change people’s attitude towards disability and to make the  more aware of the problems related to adapted sports.


  • 1st day 20th May, we had a workshop for the organization of the 21st’s meeting that aimed at presenting the project results to our communities. The workshop was divided in 2 parts: in the first students, divided in mixed groups,  worked in separate Zoom rooms, they had a brainstorm to compare the materials. In the second part all the students and teachers met to share the results and take final decisions. It was decided that each school had to prepare videos on the sports the meeting they hosted was focused on. 

  • 2nd day 21st May, it has been the most important dissemination meeting since we presented our outcomes. The title of the event was “Can Able and Disabled play together? Yes, they can!! The students and teachers of each school showed videos and presentations.

            Spanish experience: “No barriers at the sea“.

            Polish experience: “Powerlifting and Basketball“.

            German experience: “Impression on the meeting on football for disabled“.

            Dutch experience: “Adapted Acrobatics and the Clinic Clown“.

            Italian experience: “How to teach adapted sports“.

  • 3rd day 24th May, workshop for the organization of 28th online event. The students and the teachers prepared the material to be used during the conference and they had a discussion on similarities and difference always working in 4 mixed groups (Zoom rooms). They discussed prepared some reports and at the end after sharing them, it was decided that each school had to prepare some presentations and videos on accessibility and the best practices in each country.

  • 4th day 26th May, workshop for the organization of 28th online event. The students and the teachers showed the material to be used during the conference and they had a discussion on the best practices of each country. They discussed prepared some considerations to present during the meeting

  • 5th day 28h May, event “Architectural barriers and mobility. Best practices in Europe”. After the project presentation each school presented videos and presentations showing its country best practices

  • Italy: Italian experience with the speech “Barriers for Individuals with disability” by Nadia Crivelli  SCI expert & ATP of Milan University  

  • Spain: “Maiorca, an island without barriers“.

  • Poland: “Accessibility in Torun“

  • Germany: “Bremen for everybody“

  • The Netherlands: ''Amsterdam, a smart city“.

At the end there was a discussion.

After the meeting in each school students implemented the project products and created the project website and they will start the dissemination campaign. They will keep in contact with skype, what's up, mails and etwinning.  

Teachers and students had the chance to be part of the final meeting devoted to the dissemination of the project results and we hope they changed in their attitude towards disability and more motivated.


The students of different nationalities had the opportunity


  • to know each other and work together on the dissemination campaign,

  • to compare learning experiences ,

  • to experiment various disabled sports,

  • to improve their language skills and their self-confidence.

  • During the meeting the participating teachers had the opportunity to

  • increase their skills and competences

  • improve their motivation and the quality of their teaching

  • know a different school system

  • to compare teaching experiences.


Students with special needs and associations were involved in the workshops and had to talk about their experience.

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