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Meeting in Syke 27th September - 2nd October 2019

Hosting School:

BBS Syke Europaschule, Syke, DE

An der Weide 8

D - 28857 Syke


In cooperation with the institutions "Erlenschule" and "dw Delme-Werkstätten" which focus on children and adults with special needs, we carried out several activities together with the objective to get more mutual sensitivity and learn about each other, especially with respect to integrative sports, achievements and fairplay


The Italian team was two days earlier in Germany and had prepared a workshop together with "Erlenschule". One mixed group prepared Italian dishes, the other mixed group a typical German dish. After the lunch together, the kids spent time together on games, handcrafts etc.


The official opening of the project took place in the very recently inaugurated "Care Competence Centre" which is a new department of BBS Syke Europaschule on Saturday 28th September 2019. There students were guided through the rooms equipped with facilities to teach students of health care for ill and/or disabled people in theory and practice. Students presented all their results, had a little introduction into the German language in mixed group. Later in the evening we took the train to nearby old town Bremen and, apart from a guided walk, visited the "Story House", a project for long-term unemployed who run a sort of "live" museum on the history of Bremen.


On Sunday 29th September, the whole group went to visit Hamburg, harbour and the "Elbphilharmony". Unfortunately, due to a booking mistake by the "Dialogue Houses Hamburg", the long-planned visit to the famous award-winning "Walk in the Dark" and "Walk in the Silence" could not take place as it is closed on a Sunday. was"Dialogue Houses" with a walk in the dark and a walk in the silence.


The highlight, however, was the next day, a full day of football tournament with 16 (out of 54) players from our partner organisations having a mental handicap. It was a great day with a lot of very high-class sports scenes and also many examples of real respect, fair play and great understanding between the able and disabled kids. The football teams were completely mixed, only the coach was the respective P.E. teacher of the partner schools. In the evening all kids met at a Syke restaurant for pizza.


On Tuesday 1st October 2019, there was the public presentation in the assembly hall of BBS Syke Europaschule of the most relevant results from each country and the award of the cups and medals for the tournament. The prize for "best player" was awarded to a very successful goal-keeper from "Erlenschule". In the afternoon all football players and other project students went to the "Weserstadion", the stadium of national league club "Werder Bremen" to have a guided tour, after that we had a walk together along the river Weser, but it was very cold and the tournament the day before had been quite a physical challenge for all kids, so we quickly went back to Syke to spend a quiet last evening in the host families.


In the morning of the departure day 2nd October 2019, all project students (except Italians who had left) met for breakfast at "Delcasy", an extremely successful café and regional catering service where practically all staff have a mental handicap. So we informed ourselves about the project and admire the professionality of the stuff. Then we saw our Dutch and Polish friends off. Spanish left the next day, but had a great time with their hosts at the "Jumphouse" full of trampolins.

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