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1st meeting:

The first meeting of the Erasmus Plus Project K2 “Able and disabled: let’s play together” took place in
Parabiago from the 26 th to the 29 th October 2018.

Day 1 26 th October:

Morning: the coordinators and the principals of the four schools arrived, Ms. Birgit Struthoff and Ms.
Gisela Paterkiewicz from Germany, Ms. Beata Jekel and Ms. Magda Jastak from Poland, Ms.
Marguerita Gomila Pons and Ms.Vicky Jiménez Clar from Spain, Ms. Coralie Pluut and Mr. Christian
Begemann from the Netherlands.
Afternoon: Mrs. Alida Gottardi, principal of liceo Cavalleri delivered the welcome speech and
introduced the special guests Ivan Borserini Delegate C.I.P. Monza-Brianza, Elisabetta Parravicini and
Ms Lisa Noja, Milan Mayor accessibility Consultant.
After the principal’s speech the photographic exhibition ”….if you want, you can fly” was officially
opened by the coordinator M.G. Colombo and we had a presentation of the photos guided by the two
organizers, Borsellini and Ms Parravicini. Ms Lisa Noja, then, showed a presentation on “Accessibility
in Milan, a best practice in Europe” since Milan was the most accessible city in Europe in 2016,
After a coffee break the members of the delegations dealt with the overall planning of the project:


  • Definition of the objectives of the project;

  • Meetings planning: after considering the time-tables of the schools we decided to have the following meetings;

  • Spain:1° short-term exchange of 5 sts plus 2 teachers from 29 th January to 2 nd February 2019 sport: water sports i.e. swimming , canoeing, diving, jumping, water skiing;

  • Poland:2° short-term exchange of 5 sts plus 2 teachers from 8 th to 12 th April 2019Sport: basket………

  • 6 long-term students mobilities, two for the Spanish, Italian and Dutch schools,September 2019;

  • Germany:3° short-term exchange of 5 sets plus 2 teachers from the 22 nd to the 27 th September 2019 Sport: torball, goalball………

  • Spain: 2° short-term joint staff meetings of 2 teachers, October Spain;

  • Holland: 4° short-term exchange of 5 sts plus 2 teachers from 10 th to the 15 th February 2020Sport: circus sports such as acrobatics, balancing, joggling;

  • Italy: 5°short term exchange of 5 students and 2 teachers first week of June in 2020
    Sport: paralympic games Visually impaired – Blind athletes: Torball – Goalball,Showdown, Fencing, Football 5, Swimming (indoor), Athletics (outdoor) Disabled on a wheelchair: Basket, Table tennis, Fencing, SittingVolleyball, Swimming (indoor) Handbike (outdoor) Characteristics of the products;

  • Evaluation, feed back forms and impact will be dealt later onFinancial aspects: we will wait for the mobility tool.

Day 2 27 th October:

Morning: we had a workshop at Officina Rancilio, the business museum of Rancilio Group, leader
company in bar coffee machines business founded in 1926. Rancilio Group founded the Team Handbike
del GS Rancilio and every year they organize a race, the “RANCILIO Hand Bike Grand Prix”, with first-
class athletes from all over the world. Mr Bonissi presented the team and their activities as well as the
main features of the handbikes and the difficulties the bikers have to face. We saw a video on the
European Handbike Circuits (EHC) organized by the European Handcycling Federation in Parabiago in
collaboration with Rancilio Group in 2005 and 2011.
Late in the morning we had a special ceremony in memory of our previous principal Luciano Bagnato
who passed away one month ago. An oak was planted opposite the school entrance.
Afternoon: we had lunch in a typical village on Lake Maggiore, Capronno and a guided excursion to
Santa Caterina del Sasso and Angera Castle had been originally planned, unfortunately, due to heavy
rain, there was a change in the program. We went to visit Sesto Calende and then back to Parabiago.

Day 3 28 th October:

Morning: we had a workshop at Rancilio Officina on how to interview Paralympic sports people and
how to write stories on disabled sports people. Ivan Borserini, delegate C.I.P. Monza-Brianza talked
about his experience in writing books; he is the author of the biography of Italo Sacchetto, a paralympic
blind jumper, whose title is “Se Vuoi Voli”
Afternoon: We went to Milan to have an interesting experience called “Dialogue in the Dark” also
known as Dialogo nel Buio by the Institute of the blind of Milan. It was created in 2005 and it is one of
the oldest and well-established Dialogues around the globe. It is an exciting journey of exploring daily
environments & routines through the senses of touch, taste, smell and sound. With the help of white cane and a blind guide you get a chance to explore the unseen, and learn to see in darkness.

Day 4 29 th October:

Morning: In the morning there was an exhibition of an handbiker in the gym and the teachers defined
the activities to be done in each school before the first students’ meeting in Bendinat as follows:


  • The logo contest has to be organized in each school and the best five logos will have tobe sent to the Italian CIP within 15 December. They will select the best five logos. The winner will be officially presented during the meeting in Bendinat.

  • Preparation of the general survey on disability. 15-20 Questions to be sent to Parabiago to answer and each school will elaborate the results to be presented in Bendinat.and send it back within the 1 st week of January. 150 students (16/17 years old) will havwithin the end of November. The Italians will prepare the survey (google or kahoot?)

  • Preparation of a presentation of 20 slides on the water sports in each country, 3 slides forsport (swimming, canoeing, diving, jumping, water skiing) plus two slides forgeneral presentation to be sent to Bendinat within the 15 January.

  • Preparation of a “school video” or “school posters with qr code” Max. length 3 minutes.It can be attached to a poster using qr code


Italy: M.Giovanna Colombo, Giovanni Cerati, Vittorio Migliarini, Manuela Cordani.
Spain: Margui Gomila Pons Vicky Jimenez.
Germany: Birgit Struthoff Gisela Paterkiewic
Poland :Beata Jekel Magda Jastak
The Netherlands: Coralie Pluut Christian begermann

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