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2nd meeting:

The second project meeting of students and teachers from the project schools took place in Toruń,
8-13 April 2019. As part of the meeting, the following events took place directly related to the
implementation of the project theme:


Meeting with representatives and instructors of the Alfa Toruń Association of the Disabled Sports
Association (Mr. Seweryn Smorga, Mr. Andrzej Antczakp. Adam Karpiński, Mr. Jarosław Rochna)
and from the Bydgoszcz University Braile club (Mr. Jakub Żubkowski) - presentation of the
association's activity, a lecture of powerlifting instructor, a meeting with goalball players.



Presentation of materials prepared for the meeting in Toruń - interviews with disabled athletes, legal
regulations concerning people with disabilities, availability of sports facilities in the local area for
people with disabilities. A visit to the Invisible House - the opportunity to experience functioning in
complete darkness


Visiting the "START Chance"; Rehabilitation and Sports Association Centre in Gdańsk and
meeting the chairman Eugeniusz Grabowski and the players Patryk Kowalski (swimming),
Gabriel Stenkowski (swimming) and former player, currently a coach Ernest Gardynik – the
visit included the presentation of the Association's activity, the conversation with sportsmen,
getting to know their life stories.


Workshops at the gym - exercises with a weightlifting instructor. The participants of the
training were deprived of a part of physical fitness by, for example, hand-resting and have the
opportunity to train with the instructor’s guidance.
The workshops of occupational therapy at the Foundation for the Disabled "Arkadia" -
cooperation with people with intellectual disabilities during art classes



Touring the city in wheelchairs - the participants of the project divided in two groups (each
group with two wheelchairs) went through a set route checking which barriers or facilities
will come along the way.
Reading excerpts of the stories of disabled athletes, collected by the project students from all
the schools. The stories are to be found in the e-book, which will be one of the final products
of the project. The representatives of each country presented an English version of one story.


Final event summarizing the project meeting in Toruń.
Meeting with Monika Łojba and Dawid Suchodolski (pneumatic shooting, kayaking) from the
Sudety Kłodzko Club. Both athletes with visual disabilities talked about their success and

difficulties in life. They answered questions asked by the students and teachers. Monika also
talked about her guide dog which accompanied her.

Monika Łojba is one of the participants of the television series "SuperLudzie" (Super Human) from Polsat TV, which presents disabled athletes and their achievements. The episode with
Monika was broadcast on 14 April 2019 at. 11.00.








The main idea of the activity was changing points of view and seeing life from another perspective to understand things that we usually take for granted or we don’t consider at all.
That's why we had the opportunity to meet people with disabilities and the students also tried to do some sports in the same way disabled people do and they also tried to walk around the city sitting on a wheelchair or pushing it. After every meeting, the teachers and the students shared their experiences and answered some questions which had come up during the activities. Also during the farewell dinner a student from each group told everybody a story about a person who got some important results in sports, fighting against troubles of body.

Other accompanying activities during the meeting in Toruń:

Visiting Toruń and Gdańsk; a lesson of Polish; a visit to the Gingerbread Museum; basketball tournament to which all the school took part as a form of dissemination and an integration party.


Who were the participants in the activity?

Italy- the school of Liceo Scientifico "C.Cavalleri":
Teachers: Laura Sassi, Giovanni Cerati

Spain - IES Bendinat:
Teachers: Maria Victoria Jimenez Clar, Francesca Sagrera Bauza

Germany - BBS Syke:
Teachers: Gisela Paterkiewicz, Sandra Blömer

The Netherlands - Stichting voor Voortgezer Vrijeschool Ondewijs:
Teachers: Christian Begemann, Ruther Hering

Poland - the School of Economics in Toruń:
Magdalena Jastak, Małgorzata Neckowicz, Anna Hanasz, Beata Chwastyk - Gurtowska, Żaneta Kruszkowska

During the week the Polish school was on strike, so we couldn't see the normal activities of
the school. However, the teachers and the students involved in the project came to the school
and thanks to them the project could be realized. As all students do in their normal activities,
the students involved were asked to do some research, share it and try to develop the ideas by
working together. It was also important to communicate in English, which is a regular subject
at school. They finally discovered the importance of P.E. as a way to learn things they
wouldn't expect.

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